Welcome to SafeBase

After Adoption’s highly recommended therapeutic parenting support programme for all adoptive families, including families with older children and teenagers. SafeBase creates a strong foundation for loving and lasting relationships within the family, giving children the confidence to feel safe and secure with their parents.

How does SafeBase help families?

SafeBase is different because we provide a flexible and individual approach recognising that every family has different needs. SafeBase works by:

  • Putting attachment and child development into context for your family
  • Explaining the impact of early adversity on brain development
  • Building secure attachments
  • Providing practical strategies tailored to your family.
  • Strengthening family wellbeing and hope for the future
  • Creating support networks

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Insightful, inspiring and supportive

Life changing, family-saving.

What does SafeBase involve?

SafeBase is a 3-part programme which includes:

1. A Family Session

The filmed session will take place at an arranged venue close to your home. The Family Session provides a unique opportunity for observing the interaction between you and your child. We then arrange a follow up feedback session which also provides a valuable insight to any strengths and challenges your family faces.

2. The 4-day Parenting Programme

This involves both education and practical techniques and will help you to feel more competent and effective as a parent. It will help to reduce family stress levels and bring fun and laughter back into your home. Parents who have been on the programme comment that it has helped them understand their children better and has made them more confident parents. Parents tell us they now feel more hopeful for their future as a family.

3. Ongoing Parent Support Groups

We provide regular support groups which are a great chance for adoptive parents to meet up and refresh their learning from the programme. 

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Why SafeBase was developed?

After Adoption has established SafeBase as the most widely available therapeutic parenting programme in the UK, delivering the programme to adopters with children of all ages since 2004. SafeBase was developed by After Adoption as a direct response to the overwhelming demand for support from adoptive parents.

In 2011, the Timpson Foundation pledged £1 million to help us make SafeBase available to all adopters across the UK by 2016. This funding has allowed us to establish partnerships with 47 local authorities in the UK. SafeBase is also supported by the Department for Education.